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The Role of Private Lenders in Small Business Financing

As a small business, securing a loan from banks or a credit union is not easy. Traditional lenders and financial institutions aren’t willing to provide funding to small businesses without adequate collateral and trading history. This is where private lenders come in; they not only offer loans to small businesses but also let you negotiate […]
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A person is filling a bank loan application

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Business Loan

Whether you’re a startup or a small-medium business owner, loans are an essential part of keeping your company running. From investing in projects to buying equipment, a business loan can help cover a wide range of expenses. However, securing a loan isn’t easy, especially if you own  a small or new business. As leading loan […]
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A business report and a resume

5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Business

Every individual has the desire to start their own business, but only a few of them remain afloat to achieve it. If you’ve finally decided to pursue your dream and start a business, you need to consider a few factors to avoid any major problems. Almost 50% of new businesses fail during the first five years […]
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A small business owner shutting down her clothing company

How to Avoid Bankruptcy — A Guide for Small Businesses

Running a small business in today’s economy can be challenging, and many fail during their initial years. Keeping up with increased expenditures pushes businesses to fall into debt and eventually declare bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy isn’t the only way out and it’s avoidable with the right steps. As a leading business financing solution provider in NYC, […]
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A stressed business man

Common Causes Behind Poor Cash Flow Management

Poor cash flow management creates many problems for businesses, and 82% of them even fail. A healthy influx of cash is the key to any company’s success, regardless of the industry. You shouldn’t fall behind on important bills, should have access to quick funds for investments, and pay your employees on time. Therefore, it’s essential […]
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A shocked man sitting in front of a laptop

3 Loan Scams to Avoid in 2023

In the past few years, loan scams have increased significantly. These scammers exploit businesses’ vulnerabilities and impersonate government agencies and lenders. In fact, research shows that more than $2.8 billion were lost to government imposter scams in 2021. These loan scammers make big promises and claims that are too good to be true, but since you […]
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