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Small Business Loans Made Easier in NYC

  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Do you require funding for an important project?
  • Are you considering business expansion?
  • Do you want to hire new talent?
  • Are you increasing your inventory?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, you’re the perfect candidate for a business loan. At Whitestone Fund, we strive to make business financing simple, hassle-free, and quick. With extensive experience in small business loan provision, our team goes the extra mile to meet your requirements.

We offer variable loan packages between $5,000 and $500,000 and convenient terms. You don’t have to worry about high origination or processing fees. Our business loan agents work with each client to understand their unique requirements.

We start by determining whether there’s a need to take out a business loan. If you’re not a suitable candidate or another plan suits you better, we will steer you in that direction accordingly. At Whitestone Fund, we want the best for our clients, even if that means they may not work with us. By maintaining an honest, open, upfront, and transparent approach, we help you make the best decisions for your company.

Following the initial consultation, our team will create a custom business loan plan for you. We have a high loan request acceptance rate, so you don’t have to worry about being turned away. If a business loan is right for you, our team will conscientiously offer a plan that suits your needs.

We approve 95% of our loan requests, so you can rest assured that acceptance will not be an issue. Once your plan is ready, we’ll actively discuss it with you, explain the terms, and make amendments based on your feedback. The goal is to create a robust, effective plan that helps you achieve your goals in the desired timeframe.

We Put You in the Front Seat!

The right loan can help you restructure your business, kick-start a brand-new venture, move to a new location, overcome unpaid invoices, and improve your company’s cash flow. When the right sum of money lands in your hands, you can invest it in the right tasks and get your business back on track. We help you do just that.

Nobody understands your business better than you. We let you take the reins and provide the right loan accordingly. Our approach is collaborative. Instead of imposing our ideas, we understand your needs and cater to them to a tee. We provide flexible business loan services, so you’re in control the whole time.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help! Call us to find out more about our short-term business loans. If you’re confused about the direction you want to take, our team also provides small business assistance within the context of financing. Submit your application today! We serve clients across Yonkers and NYC.

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