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Frequently Ask Questions

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We offer three types of loans:

  • Low-credit small business loans
  • Merchant cash advance loans
  • Business capital loans

Please fill out our application. We require specific details and documentation; please make sure you provide them as requested. If you’re having trouble, you can call us, and our loan specialists will fill out the form with you.

At Whitestone Fund, we require clients to have the following:

  • A stable business for at least six months
  • Gross deposits of $10,000 monthly
  • A credit score of at least 500
  • Minimal negative balances
  • Minimal bounced checks
  • Current on business/rent property
  • No liens, judgments, bankruptcies

The terms are as follows:

  • Loans between $5,000 and $500,000
  • 6 to 18-month loan duration
  • No origination fees
  • No processing fees
  • High acceptance rate (95%); we accept most of the loan requests we receive
  • Weekly or daily repayment schedule

The terms are as follows:

  • Cash advances of up to $1,500,000
  • 6 to 36-month cash advance duration
  • Payments made weekly or every two weeks

At Whitestone Fund, we offer:

  • An experienced, trained, and professional team that provides individualized guidance to each client
  • Access to greater capital
  • Access to capital in the future should the client need it
  • Peace of mind that your credit will not be pulled again and again
  • Walk-in consultations; please visit us whenever you’d like!

Our clients take business loans for a wide range of purposes. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Launch a startup
  • Grow your business
  • Pay off debt
  • Invest in new inventory, equipment, or machinery
  • Finance a business acquisition
  • Overcome unpaid invoices
  • Cover unexpected loss
  • Increase your inventory
  • Fund a marketing campaign
  • Complete a pending project
  • Hire new talent
  • Relocate your business

No, we do not charge any application or upfront fees. If a loan agency requests an additional fee, consider it a red flag. This is indicative of fraudulent activity.

If you apply for a bank loan, yes, your credit will affect your acceptance rate. However, when you approach Whitestone Fund for a private small business loan, you do not have to worry about your credit score. This is one of the most pronounced benefits of opting for a private loan over a bank loan.

We offer a high acceptance rate (95%). While we prefer granting loans to companies with credit scores of 500 and up, we are open to considering businesses that fall below this requirement. Once you prove that you can repay the loan, you do not have to worry about acceptance.

We approve business loan and cash advance requests within 24 hours. You can get cash in your account within 72 hours. Please ensure that you have submitted all the required information and documentation. This will help us expedite the process and provide fast funding.

If you apply for a merchant cash advance, the amount you're required to pay back will depend on a) the amount of the advance and b) the terms of the payback. At Whitestone Fund, we present numerous options to clients. Our loan specialists will sit down with you and discuss the terms to create the most suitable package for your needs.

The interest rate ultimately depends on your credit, the terms, and the program. If you're able to receive financing from your bank, that should be your first approach. However, most banks refuse to lend unless the borrower has an A+ standing.

Our loan terms are generally between 6 and 18 months. Please speak with our loan specialists to discuss your desired terms. We are always open to making changes to accommodate our clients.

Absolutely. As long as there have been no significant changes in your financial standing, you can be automatically approved for another business cash advance.

No, that will not be the case. However, it may be required in certain situations. Please speak with our loan specialists, and they'll guide you accordingly.

Absolutely! Our loan specialists are ready to help out even on the weekends. Please contact us and let us know when we should reach you.

At Whitestone Fund, we provide loans of up to $500,000 with a 6 to 18-month duration. Fill out our form and wait for our loan specialists to contact you. No collateral is required. Your loan type will ultimately depend on your business profile and cash flow. We require a minor portion of future sales as repayment.

Our lease terms range from 12 months to 10 years.

If you apply for a business loan, we provide up to $500,000 of financing. For cash advances, we provide up to $1,500,000 of funding.

We'll help you get your first loan refinanced. If that is not possible, we'll help you get a second loan with more capital.

We have numerous business loan programs, including ACH loans, that we can discuss with you.

Of course. We fund renewal submissions within a day. Our team will get in touch with you to determine if you require additional capital.

*All offers are subject to lender approval.
For any inquiries relating to my Retail and Leadership Programs or Coaching and Mentoring services feel free to speak to me personally by call us during business hours.

Head office address:

3556 Hartford Way Vlg, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466, Australia.

Call for help:

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