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Whether you’re starting your new venture or running an established small business, operating and expanding your company requires money. Having access to adequate working capital not only helps cover everyday expenses but also helps it grow and succeed.

At Whitestone Fund, we offer working capital programs for small businesses and startups to help them with their financing. You can use these funds to cover expenses like debt payments, rent, payroll, technology, inventory, etc.

We understand how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to keep up with the rising expenditures, especially at the initial stages of their business. Therefore, we provide fast working capital loans, customized to your specific situation. We have over 95% loan acceptance rate and a hassle-free, lenient application process.

Business Working Capital Loans — An Overview

Most businesses in NYC experience a few financial hiccups every now and then. In these cases, a working capital loan offers a quick and flexible means of overcoming financial difficulties. Due to increased liabilities like expenses and debt, businesses experience a decrease in working capital which leads to major financial strain. Instead of delaying payments to creditors or not investing in projects, you should get a short-term working capital loan from us.

Seasonal businesses that generate most of their sales during one season can also benefit from working capital solutions. If you face difficulty running your business during off-season months and experience a decrease in annual income, a working capital loan will balance your operating costs. it will assist you during the time you need additional funding, overcoming cash flow gaps.

Being a trusted working capital loan provider in NYC, we provide customized repayment plans tailored according to your business’s cash flow and revenue. Unlike other traditional loans, they last for 6–24 months, depending on your needs. Here are some of the benefits of small business working capital financing:

  • Due to the unique nature of this loan, you don’t have to plan for long-term EMIs. This helps you save money on interest and repay the amount on a short-term basis.
  • This loan is available in lean periods to help seasonal businesses stay afloat.
  • You have the flexibility to choose different assets as collateral or opt for a collateral-free loan instead.

A working capital loan also helps in maintaining a healthy credit record for new and small businesses. This way, you will face fewer issues while applying for other long-term loans.

How to Secure a Working Capital Loan at Whitestone Fund

Strong cash flow is crucial for every business’s success. During business expansion or downtime, our capital loan solutions provide you with the opportunity to cover the day-to-day operations as well as business growth.

Banks have a lengthy, intense approval process and are less likely to approve your application for a loan. On the other hand, our working capital loan providers in NYC offer great terms and a simple approval process. Our platform is simple and intuitive— you can apply, get approved, and manage your loans without any hassle.

Our process starts with a thorough consultation where our loan agents understand your business needs, previous credit history, turnover rates, and growth plans. Using this information, they will forecast the right amount of working capital you need to operate, expand and succeed in your industry. This analysis will also tell you whether you need additional funding solutions in the future.

Contact us now to book a consultation session with us. Our team will walk you through the working capital financing process and discuss all terms and conditions. We have a detailed NDA process, so you can openly discuss your projects and negotiate better terms.

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